About us

The Power of Alpecin

Alpecin focuses on the global male problem of "hereditary hair loss" with caffeine-containing products. The brand is characterized by its special caffeine complex, which inhibits the negative influence of testosterone at the hair root and thus prevents hair loss. In 2004, Dr. Wolff achieved a breakthrough in hair research and was the first manufacturer to launch a caffeine shampoo. Alpecin has a broad care system for all scalp types (normal, dry, flaky, oily). All Alpecin products are united by the fact that they are scientifically proven problem solvers. The brand thus positions itself as a scalp specialist in hair care - and has been since its birth in 1930. For more on Alpecin products and helpful hair care tips, visit the Alpecin brand page.

Our History

Alpecin is known around the world for its superior quality when it comes to shampoos and hair tonics, but to really understand the history of the company we need to learn about the Dr. Wolff Group. The Dr. Wolff Group is a fourth-generation German company that was founded over one hundred years ago, in 1905, in a German town called Bielefeld. This company owns many unique brands that each fill a specific niche including Alpecin, Alcina, Plantur, Karex, Bioniq, Linola and Dr. Wolff’s Vagisan. What started out as a cosmetic company is now a company that employs nearly 800 people and is located in over 60 countries all over the world.

The Alpecin brand was founded in 1930 and has been a staple in many German homes ever since. Trusted by men as their go-to, Alpecin has really been time tested over and over and always beats out the competition. Today Alpecin is everywhere in the community especially when it comes to cycling. Alpecin is one of the major sponsors when it comes to many world-famous cycling events such as the Tour De France and the Tour of California, sponsoring many top riders.

With its dedicated team of scientists doing the latest research every single day - Dr. Wolff ensures that only the highest-class products are produced and make it to the shelves. Alpecin has a long history of excellence and is extremely successful not only Germany and Europe, but other countries across the globe as well.